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Tuesday, Jan 22nd

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Land Acquisition In Nasik For Second Phase Of DMIC Project

Land Acquisition In Nasik For Second Phase Of DMIC Project

Industries in Nasik will see more infrastructure and facilities as Nasik is included in significant project of Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor. Land acquisition process for this project has been started by Maharashtra, Haryana, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. Minister of State for Commerce and Industry, Jyotiraditya Scindia informed that this project would pass through five out of six states and its estimated amount is $100 billion. Aim of the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor project is to create new industrial cities with manufacturing as the key economic driver.For development of industrial cities along the proposed corridor, the union cabinet approved financial and institutional structure in previous year.

This project will be completed in two phases; first phase has taken its speed. Within its first phase work of land notification and accumulative measurement is on speed. It will cover the area of Aurangabad, Shendri, Bidkin and Karmad. Dighi near Mumbai is also included in first phase.

In second phase, same work in the area of Nasik, Ghoti, Dhule, Nardana, Sinnar will be speed up. Groundwork in the area of Nasik and Sinnar is on its way to completion. Land notification in these areas has been already done. Measurement of land for acquisition process is still remaining and it will be done in the presence of farmers, concern officials and MIDC officials.

MIDC have planned five phases for land notification work. In first phase 1456 hectares, second phase 651 hectares, third phase 230 hectares. In fourth and fifth phase notification has been done for land in the area of Bargaon Pimpri( 1275 hectares) , Sonambe , Konambe, Paste (966 hectares). Demand is arouse to avoid the fertile land however dialogues are continuing for remaining land.