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Sugar Industry

Sugar Industry

Sugar industry in India has secured its place to be one of the biggest agro-processing industries of the country and known for its giant magnitude and annual turnover of around Rs 150 billion. Sugar manufacturing in Nasik is not an exception to this. Nasik district boasts of its own 7 sugar mills and plays an important role in the economy of expanse or above all the agriculture finances.

Though the co-operative sugar mills share the largest fraction (more than 70%), private sector is gradually making room for it here. Promoted by the Walchand group, Ravalgaon Sugar Farm is a privately run sugar mill in Nasik district. While the leading co-operative sector has five sugar factories positioned at Palse, Niphad, Materewadi, Ranwad and Vithewadi in Nasik district. Commencement of several sugar mills led makeover in the way farming was being performed here earlier. Cultivation of sugarcane has got high eminence among all progressive farmers.

The sugar industry in Nasik does not only fuel its giant boilers, it also fuels livelihood of thousands of families, especially those from countryside. A fine network of roads connecting to urban locales, educational amenities providing better opportunities in rustic vicinity, hospitals and fundamental arrangements for health and wellbeing are few of the most central benefits sugar industry carry with it to present its neighborhoods. That’s the reason why sugar industry here is said to be a key diligence for the progress and development of rural Nasik.