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Grapes Market

Grapes Market

Being a sub-tropical crop, grapes are cultivated on a large scale in India. India ranks at the top position in the grape growing countries of the world. In India, Maharashtra is the leading state where grape production is very extensive.

Nasik and Sangli are at the forefront in the production of grapes. Nasik is well-known as a land of farmers where different types of crops are cultivated. Apart from grapes, it is also famous for tomatoes, sugarcane and onions.

Nasik is popularly known as the ‘Grape City’ and also ‘Grape capital of India’. Along with grapes, the wine culture is also growing at an alarming speed for growers as well as wine makers. The land of Nasik is considered to be like heaven for variety of grapes that are acclaimed internationally. Nasik has the suitable soil which is very much appropriate for grape cultivation.

In Nasik district, grapes are grown on a high scale in Pimpalgoan and to some extent in Niphad, Kalvan and Dindori. Pimpalgaon is gradually obtaining the standard of becoming the Mecca of grape growing. More and more farmers are now getting attracted towards this profession due to earnings they get from grapes. Nasik is also famous for winery and has many vineyards such as Sula vineyards, N D wines and many more. Nasik also exports grapes on a larger extent.