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Tuesday, Jan 22nd

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Increase In Grape’s Export

Increase In Grape’s Export

Export of grapes has increased this year evaluated to the previous two years. In the 2010 grape season, European countries had rejected Indian grape consignments on the grounds of the presence of traces of pesticide. Malaysia. Exporters had suffered losses close to Rs 200 crore. But the situation has now changed after two years. India is now exporting to European countries.

After joint effort from the government and exporters, some European nations, with the exception of Germany, accepted consignments at lower rates, while the rest of the containers were diverted to other countries including Russia, Dubai, Singapore and

Out of total approximately 2.5 lakh acres of cultivated land for table-grape in Maharashtra, Nasik district have approximately 1 Lakh acre of land which is cultivated with the grape cultivation. 3% of the total grape produced in the country is exported by India. Maharashtra's contribution in the total grape export from the country is more than 95%. Again in Maharashtra's grape production, Nasik district contributes around 70%. There are around 152 grape exporting firms in the country. Grape export in India is rising steadily even though the export percentage seems less evaluated to total grape production.

Approximately 152 grape exporters are there. Out of these, almost 100 exporters faced a major hinder in 2010 due to Europe refusal of delivery consequent to the suspected pesticide incident. Only 42 grape grower exporters carry on and have been exporting grape for the last two years. The government must thus take efforts to revitalize the falling businesses of exporters hit by the 2010 crisis. Currently, maximum export is to European countries.