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Nasik Green Belt

Nasik Green Belt

Nasik is a city in India, located to the northwest of Maharashtra. To the western edge of the Deccan Plateau, lies Nasik which is a volcanic formation. You can find black soil in Nasik district which is very much favorable for agriculture. Nasik has today become one of the fastest growing cities of India whose economy is commonly driven by agriculture in the areas that surround Nasik.

Agriculture is extensively carried out in the Nasik district. Nasik is more famous for its production of grapes, tomatoes as well as onions. It is also well known as the 'City of Grapes'. It was also very famous for the table grapes for a very long time. Today, Nasik exports table grapes to Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

The main kharif crops of Nasik district are Rice, Jowar and Bajra; along with them groundnuts and cotton are also grown there. Bajra can be mostly found in the eastern parts such as Yeola, Malegaon, Nandgaon, Chandwad and Baglan talukas. Rice is chiefly grown in the western parts like Igatpuri, Surgana and Peth talukas. You can find Jowar grown in large scale in the Nadgaon, Kalvan and other talukas. Groundnut can be grown in many parts of the Nasik district but Baglan, Malegaon, Kalwan and Nadgaon talukas produce it on a large scale. Malegaon, Kalvan and Baglan produce cotton on a small extent. In addition to these crops, many pulses are grown in Nasik district such as Moong (green gram), Udad (black gram) and Tur.

During Rabi season, wheat and gram are produced in the district. Wheat can be grown in the talukas of Yeola, Dindori, Niphad and Baglan while Gram can be seen in all the talukas of Nasik.

Nasik is well-known as the Grape City, due to its grape production. The district also famous for some irrigated crops such as Onions, Sugarcanes and other vegetables. Sugarcane is mainly grown on a large scale in the Niphad, Sinnar, Yeola and Baglan talukas. Nasik district is also popular for the vineyards in the Nasik, Dindori, Niphad and Kalvan areas. Lasalgaon grows onions on a very large extent. India's production of onion is the second largest after China, in the world. It is almost doubled, sine two decades. Some of the vegetables grown are Tomato, Brinjal, Cucumber, coriander, carrot, cabbage, potato and cauliflower.