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Pomegranate Market

Pomegranate Market

Pomegranate grows well in the tropical as well as subtropical region of the world. In India, Maharashtra is the leading state for production of pomegranates; it is followed by Karnataka, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Nasik, Solapur, Pune, Sangli are some of the places of Maharashtra where pomegranates are cultivated commercially. Maharashtra produces many varieties of pomegranates such as Phule Arakta, Ganesh, Mridula and Bhagwa. Pomegranates are mainly produced in rain-fed areas. It also serves as the major source of employment of the rural population in Nasik.

In Maharashtra, pomegranates are grown on a total of 97,000 hectares, out of which Nasik produces on 40,000 hectares and Solapur on 30,000 hectares. Best quality pomegranates are produced in Nasik for domestic as well as export purposes. In Nasik, the major production of pomegranates takes place in Satana, Deola and Malegaon. As sugarcane and grapes require lots of water, the farmers from Kalwan, Baglan, Deola and Malegaon have shifted to Pomegranates due to water shortage. Farmers adopt new technologies and methods for cultivation of crops in a very fast period.

As the number of bahar treatments is being adopted by the farmers, you can see pomegranates grown throughout the year.