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Tuesday, Jan 22nd

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Special Efforts By Wine Producers To Boost The Wine Industry

Special Efforts By Wine Producers To Boost The Wine Industry

The Indian Grape Processing Board (IGPB) is working on a model to make grape-wine cheaper than country liquor and beer, according to IGBP this model will enhance the wine consumption.

Chairman, IGPB, Jagdish Holkar said that they are working on a model to sell wine at cheaper rates, to help its consumption at a grass-root level. Premium wine will be costlier, but table grape wine will possibly be low-priced than country-made liquor. The effort is to sell wine for less than Rs 100 a bottle (750 ml). Rate of country-made liquor is Rs 150 a bottle (750 ml), while rate of beer is around Rs 110 a bottle; they are trying to place wine at a cheaper rate than both country-made liquor and beer.

Wines from small wineries are of good quality, but these establishments are helpless if they do not have enough funds for marketing. Producers will have to manage several factors to strike into the world market effectively. Initially, wine should be at reasonable price by dropping production costs. Secondly, price is not always the criteria. If you have quality, you can sell your wine not for $10, but $30 a bottle. Lastly, wine should be distinctive.

Shivaji Aher, President of All India Wine Producers Association, said that they have started working on the concept of cheaper wine. Initially, they concentrated on only premium wine. But, they are making efforts to focus on customers across different price ranges. Some wineries have already started manufacturing cheaper wine and sales are gradually picking up.

Commenting on measures being taken to boost wine sales, Holkar said that they are also planning to make wine inexpensive by reducing the middlemen between wine consumers and manufacturers. Wine should be made simply obtainable and at cheaper rates in aim to boost the industry.

The AIWPA has also plan to set up wine chowpatties .i.e wine and food plazas at purposeful locations in Maharashtra. A suggestion for this has been submitted to the state government. If permitted, Godavari Wine Park, Vinchur (about 50 km from Nasik) will be the first wine chowpatty in the country.

Wineries will be allocated with space to create such special food and wine courts. Wineries and best food serving hotels together can do this project.