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Sula Vineyard

Sula Vineyard

When you think of Indian wine, you think of Sula! Such is the popularity of Sula wines, that not only it is the most liked wine in India, it is already letting its presence felt in the world wine scenes. The mastermind behind this enterprise is a Stanford-trained engineer Rajiv Samant, the owner of Sula Wines and the huge success of the brand Sula should be attributed to him completely, for his genius work.

Sula owns huge grape yards and also has its own network of contract farmers who grow quality grapes under the guidance of wine experts. The birthplace of Sula wines is a beautiful vineyard, set in a picturesque background, in Nasik. This wine producing location has actually made Nasik famous worldwide and established the city as the Wine Capital of India.

The Sula Vineyard is a beautiful place and you need to be there to really experience it. The vineyard consist mainly of four main wining and dining attractions and they are as follows –

The Tasting Room: This is a 2000sq.ft place with a beautiful ambience which was designed by Californian architects Laurel Roth and Andy Hope. There are wine tours conducted where tour guides tell you everything from the wine grapes to the wine bottling. The tasting room has professional sommeliers that teach you everything about looking at, sniffing and tasting wine.

Little Italy: This is a fine dining place just a stone throw away from the tasting room. The famous Little Italy chain of restaurants has partnered with Sula and lies on Sula property. Here you will have the option of savoring the finest Italian cuisine recommended with a perfect Sula wine.

Soma: Soma is an Indian restaurant by chef Kalra, whose family has been enticing the pallets of Nasikites for generations. Every listing on the menu is a special from chef Kalra himself. Here you have the options of choosing some wine with your food or choosing to have your food cooked in wine.

Amphitheater: The amphitheater is a place where many shows are hosted. It is a wide open area ideal for rock shows, dramas and even weddings.