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Infant Jesus Feast

Infant Jesus Feast

The Infant Jesus Feast takes place every year at the Shrine of Infant Jesus, Nasik Road. The feast takes place on the third Saturday of February and goes on for 9 days. During these 9 days, there is Novena held in honor of Infant Jesus, inviting people from all over the country and world, to come for this feast. It is believed that prayers said over here are answered in the Novena.

The Infant Jesus Feast is celebrated with great pomp and enthusiasm, no less than a festival in itself. During the Feast, masses are held every hour from 6.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. Also, Solemn Novena Masses are conducted during 9 days preceding the Annual Feast at 6.30 a.m., 12.00 noon and 5.45 p.m.

During the Annual Feast, the whole location of the Shrine and surroundings, is decorated beautifully. People setup stalls and gets the entertainment rides ready, well before the feast starts. The stalls range from selling key-chains to clothes, gift items to delicious foods and sweets. You can also buy Infant Jesus merchandise like medals and mini statues in the fair.

There are many fun games for children and elders alike, where one can even win small prizes. Shooting the balloons with rifles, putting a ring in on any item, hitting the target with dart are some of the games where you can win prizes. There is also a small amusement park that is setup during the Feast which includes games like merry-go-round, Ferris wheel, toy train, etc. Also, various magic shows, music shows, light shows are organized during the fair.

Many people come to Nasik during for the Annual Feast, so all the nearby hotels get booked very soon. If you're planning to attend the feast make sure you book in advance. There are many good hotels and guest house near the Shrine of Infant Jesus. There is also a Pilgrim's Rest house, but no booking are done. They are allotted on the first come, first served basis.