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Sports in Nasik


Nasik is one of the famous and holiest cities of India, which is also known as the city of pilgrimage. Along with the holiness, Nasik is also well known for the sports played there. Various sports such as cricket, football, basketball, tennis, badminton and many others are played in Nasik.

Some of the traditional sports of Maharashtra such as kho kho and kabaddi are also played in few parts of old Nasik city. But the favorite sports of Nasik, is Cricket. You can see children and youngsters playing cricket in almost every lane of Nasik.


For various sports, there are huge stadiums in Nasik, which contribute to the city's success in the field of Sports. Some of the stadiums are Golf Ground, Raje Sambaji Stadium, Nashik Gymkhana, etc. where many sports competitions are held regularly.

Cricket is played on all the stadiums and grounds of Nasik. There are various cricket associations and clubs in Nasik which hosts several cricket competitions in the city. Competitions are held between various colleges, schools, clubs and also between various associations. In Nasik, even the matches for the Ranji Trophy are played amongst various states of India.

Kabaddi is also a well known and played sports in Nasik. Nashikites are now turning towards kabaddi, as one of the kabaddi players from Nasik won a Chhatrapti Award. Nirmala Bhoi, a kabaddi player from Nasik has been selected for this year's Chhatrapti Award. She plays for the Rachna Sports Club, Nasik as well as Maharashtra.

Nasik also is popular for kho kho, a traditional sport of Maharashtra. Kho Kho Championships also take place at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Stadium in Nasik in which all the district teams participate.