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96 Acres Of Land For Sub-center Of University Of Pune

96 Acres Of Land For Sub-center Of University Of Pune

Soon space will be available for sub-center of University of Pune in Nasik .Some months before in the budget of Pune University a huge amount was estimated for sub-center of University of Pune in Nasik. Acquisition process of 77 acre land for sub-center at Ahmednagar is on final stage. 96 acres of land will be acquired by University for its sub-center in Nasik.

Entire Nasik district along with Ahmednagar and Pune includes in work area of University of Pune. A huge number of students from all three districts learning from colleges affiliated to University of Pune. For administrative procedures, students, Professors and non-teching staff need to go for central office of University at Pune. For queries in results and other technical problems everyone have to depend on central office of University. Work load on central office is also increasing and on other hand students are also facing many troubles because of this. To reduce these troubles, sub-centers at Ahmednagar and Nasik were proposed. Sub center already exists at Nasik but was acting as mediator. At Nasik sub-center many designations are remaining to be sanctioned. Staff at Nasik sub-center is also very less.

Sub center will become fully functional, once the center will get its own space instead of operating from rented places. Students would not have to travel long distance every time to know the status of their marksheets, hall tickets and other administrative procedures.

In the month of April when acting Vice Chancellor Dr. Sanjay Chahande was in the Nasik, he visited the site at Syed Pimpri (20 km from Nasik) for sub center of University of Pune and discussed with local body and district administration. Recommendation came from Ram Takawale committee for strengthening of sub-center at Ahmednagar and Nasik. Research centers, e-library and many other facilities for students will be at sub-centers.