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Coffee Shops

Coffee Shops

Coffee is loved and enjoyed by many people of Nasik as a part of their daily life. Sipping coffee is a way to stimulate the senses through the tranquilizing aroma. Whether with friends or family, enjoyed as a refreshing break during the day, coffee has the capability to offer enjoyment and pleasure. It is sometimes a fascinating walk for Nasikites into a coffee house after viewing the large list of coffee menu. There are many coffee shops available at Nasik like Cafe Coffee Day, Cafe Express and Cafe Nescafe where people can relax and enjoy the sip of coffee.

There are two branches of Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) available in Nasik, one is at Satpur and other is at College Road. They offer varieties of coffee products like coffee coke float, coffee truffles, ginger coffee, coffee and caraway rolls (8 rolls), coffee icing, coffee brittle, apple coffee cake, cafe maxicano, coffee pecan cake, coffee snack cake, cafe belgique, coffee cardamom caramels (6 servings) and coffee cake. CCD has become the biggest organized café chain in India and they have most rich and abundant source of coffee.

The Cafe Express coffee shop offers a pure coffee drinking experience in friendly, cool and relax environment. It offers variety of coffee products like black coffee, cold coffee and cold coffee with ice-cream. In Nasik, Cafe Express is located opposite to BYK College on college road, which attracts many college going students in the shop.

Apart from above renowned brands, there are some local coffee brands like Cafe Nescafe available in Nasik. It has branches available at Shalimar, College road and N.D. Patel road. You can test different coffee products like coffee pecan cake, coffee snack cake, cappuccino and black coffee at this coffee brand.