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Tuesday, Jan 22nd

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You are here: Lifestyle News 2 Crores and 22 Lacs passes already, no Fogging done in Nashik

2 Crores and 22 Lacs passes already, no Fogging done in Nashik

2 Crores and 22 Lacs passes already, no Fogging done in Nashik

Mosquitoes count and malaria patients are on high in Nashik. Nashik Municipal Corporation has already passed 2 Crores and 22 Lacs this year to the vendor, but still not fogging or any other preventive measures against mosquitoes were seen in any part of Nashik. Hot summers and early rain has boosted the count of mosquitoes in Nashik, since proper preventive measures were not taken by the contractor who was assigned this task.

This eventually resulted in spread of various viral fevers and malaria amongst Nashik citizens. Last week 10 patients were reported to have malaria. Citizens are now requesting corporation to take necessary action against the rapid count of mosquitoes in Nashik. Since mosquitoes are increasing, fever and other viruses are spreading too. At any particular physician, 20 percent of the patients have reported to have high fever and vomiting, the first symptom of malaria. The population of Nashik City is approximately 18 lacs. Recent survey in Nashik shows that only 10 lacs of Nashik City population use some kind of preventive measures against mosquitoes. The City spends Rupees 1.5 crores every month for such preventive measures. The experts from National Institute of Malaria say that most of the preventive measures against mosquitoes are made up from harmful chemical substances, which imposes side-effects to not only pregnant women but also any human being. Nashik Mahanagar Palika increases the budget every year for suppressing the count of mosquitoes in Nashik. This year they have already given 2 Crores and 22 Lacs to the vendor for fogging smoke and other preventive measures against mosquitoes. According to the standard put by the corporation, fogging should be done atleast twice a week in every area and coloney. Bleaching powder should be poured in streams and contaminated water. But the vendor has not taken any of these steps so far.