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Dating Points

Dating Points

Couples always like spending time with each other, no matter which place it is. But mostly they love to be together in some lonely places where nobody can disturb them. In Nasik, there are no such official dating points for couples where they can spend time with each other. Once I thought of visiting some restaurant in Nasik, with my partner. When we visited it, we found it so crowded that we could not even sit there for half an hour. We just wanted to spend quality time together without any disturbance around us. While thinking of some other places for us, we thought of Someshwar, Pandavleni, Goda Park, Gammat Jammat, Temple Hill and many others. You might also be confused when planning to spend time with your loved one in some romantic place in Nasik.

In Nasik, Someshwar is one of the favorite places for dating, as experienced by most couples. Couples love playing with water, boating as well as sitting behind the rocks on the banks of River Godavari. Due to the pleasant atmosphere, serene climate and greenery all around, it attracts couples. Another most visited place by couples is the Pandavleni Caves. There are several corners on the hill where you can see couples occupying each of it. Couples get to spend some time together without much disturbance. Gammat Jammat is actually a place where mostly children love visiting with their families. But nowadays, you can also see couples wandering around at this place. Temple Hill and its sunset point, is a place at the outskirts of the city, in Deolali. This place is always crowded by couples as it comes on the outer edge of Nasik. Being on a hill, couples enjoy each other's presence along with the cool breeze and serene atmosphere.

Other interesting places in Nasik are Goda Park and Gangapur Dam. Goda Park is crowded with either couples or college youngsters. Gangapur Dam is also a place where you can find couples enjoying time with each other. This area is supposed to be the place where you can get total privacy and security. Apart from this, there are many places where you can see couples wandering in Nasik. Police has started keeping a watch on these areas nowadays, so be careful while visiting any of them.