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Bahinabai Chaudhari

Bahinabai Chaudhari

Nasik has got a gem of a poet who portrayed the philosophy of life in extremely simple words with the help of Ahirani language of North Maharashtra. Born in 1880, Bahinabai Chaudhari is a renowned Marathi poetess whose words have made a mark on the lives of Marathi people.

Asoda, near Nasik, is a native village of nature-daughter Bahinabai. She amazed everyone with her unique style of rural verses. In traditional sense, Bahinabai was illiterate. However, her genius is original. Though widowed early, she was independent and self sufficient. Her understanding of human life is difficult to fathom.

Bahinabai Chaudhari's poems are a precious treasure of Marathi literature. They are composed in the form of Owees which are simple, yet very appealing. Her poems reflect her real daily life and explain the wisdom of human life in very simple words. Her observation of green fields, wells, nature, rivers, and flora and fauna appears in her poems in such a form that her poems emerge as beautiful paintings. Her selection of words, her sense of humor proves that she was a naturally “gifted poetess of Maharashtra.

Hailing from a farmers household, most of Bahinabais poems are based on farming, nature, trees, animals, land, and joy and sorrows of farmers. Keen observation, a strong memory, wisdom to view at sorrow and joy alike, and inborn humor are some features of her poetry. Her poetry is full with the Ahirani dialect that is spoken in some parts of Maharashtra.

Acharya Atre, a famous Indian writer and journalist, had compared her poetry with 24 carat gold that would shine similarly, amongst old and new alike. Bahinabai’s verses were published with name “Bahinabaichya Gani in 1952 after her death and achieved hall of Marathi literary fame. Her native place has a memorial setup of Bahinabai in

Chaudhari Wada and they had established her idol in 1993 opposite to her house. Bahinabai was really a great poetess who effectively expressed her own experiences and universal truths as well. She so easily rendered life’s philosophy briefly and in simple words, a subject which is usually a matter of large tomes. It is indeed Nasik’s great fortune that such a divine poetess had born and blossomed in this land..!