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Tuesday, Jan 22nd

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MPCB To Check Water Pollution

MPCB To Check Water Pollution

Water quality will be monitored by The Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) before, during and after Ganpati immersion all over the city. A guideline had been issued by the board to the local civic body, NMC (Nasik Municipal Corporation) to create a provisional pond for immersion of idols.

The suggestions and guidelines issued by the board clarify the role of the different local bodies and the board itself in controlling river pollution following the immersing Ganpati idols.

MPCB regional officer, AS Fulse said that the immersion of Ganpati idols only adds to mud. The toxic chemicals used in decorating idols tend to come out and cause a threat to water bodies. Fulse said that the studies carried out during in the backdrop of the festivities have exposed that the water quality declines with respect to conductivity, bio-chemical oxygen demand and concentration of heavy metals.

On the function of the board, the officer said the water would be monitored at most of the immersion sites in three stages - pre-immersions, during immersions and post immersions where suitable numbers of samples would be gathered to find out the water quality. After that, different tests would be carried out for the same.

On the guidelines for the citizens of Nasik, the board has asked them to have their idols made from traditional clay as a substitute of baked clay or even made out of Plaster of Paris. The paints used to decorate the idol should also if possible be non-toxic. The board has further asked the local bodies - be it corporation or municipal councils- to construct artificial ponds for the immersion of the idols instead of carrying out the activity in the river or the other water drinking source to prevent it from pollutants.