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Tuesday, Jan 22nd

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Water Supply Capacity To Boost By NMC

Water Supply Capacity To Boost By NMC

The estimated population of the city in 2015 probably will be of 18 lakh. On the other hand 40 lakh pilgrims are expected to visit the city in the period of Kumbh Mela. The water supply department of the Nasik Municipal Corporation (NMC) has planned a budget of Rs 152 crore to convene the city's water requirements throughout the next Kumbh Mela scheduled in 2015.

To prop up the estimated population boost, the water department has pegged water estimates at 410 million litres per day (MLD) and 160 MLD for 40 lakh vistors, taking the total demand for water to 570 MLD. The water purification capacity of the NMC's purification plant is 404.5 MLD. Considering this, the water supply department put forth suggestions for its action plan in preparation of the mega event.

Recommendations have been made to enhance the capacity of the water purification plant at Nasik Road by 18 MLD and to construct a water supply plant of 50 MLD capacities at Panchvati Nilgiri Baug. The extra 68 MLD capacity water purification plants are expected to raise water purifying capacity to 472.5 MLD each day.

The water supply department said that from these filtration plants excess capacities of 20% can be generated. Considering this, the water department believes that the target of 570 lakh litres of water can be achieved.

Proposals for constructing an additional 10 water tanks plus an independent 20MLD capacity tank at Lunge Mangal Karyalay in Sadhugram for 24-hour water supply to this area during the Kumbh, were also made.