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Tuesday, Jan 22nd

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21 Things NOT to Do in Nasik!

21 Things NOT to Do in Nasik!

There are lots of things that you can do in Nasik, but there are few things that you shouldn't do in Nasik. Here are 21 protocols that you must follow if you are in this city; some might be strange but they are true.

  1. Take 4-wheeler to Main Road during the evening hours.
  2. Ask where Karanja (water fountain) is, at Raviwar Karanja.
  3. Buy supplements or medicines from roadside Hakims.
  4. Parking your vehicle opposite to the City Center Mall.
  5. Pretend to be smart before Traffic cops, it'll cost you more than what you thought of.
  6. Take short cut by gloomy road from Thakkar bazaar to Old CBS at late night, a group of crooks will accompany you.
  7. Sit for more than half an hour at Rich Class on Raviwar Karanja, the short-tempered owner might yell at you.
  8. Drive behind Rickshawallas.
  9. Invite gold polishwalas to your home.
  10. An evening walk along Goda Park with your college friends, especially with those of opposite sex.
  11. Take your wife or girlfriend to 'A' rated movie at Mahalaxmi Theater.
  12. Buy clothes at price that shopkeeper wants you to pay at Tibetian Market; exploit your bargaining proficiency to strike the cheapest deal.
  13. Give 100 bucks to a bus conductor in the morning and expect him to give you change.
  14. Take auto rickshaw late night, especially if you're a lady travelling alone.
  15. Keep your cell on loud ringer during a drama show in Kalidas Kala Mandir.
  16. Expect a vacant bus seat at Shalimar while on your way to Nasik Road.
  17. Expect to see lush greenery and beautiful landscape at Dahasaheb Phalke Smarak; it is a thing of past.
  18. Hoping for a comfortable journey in Panchavati Express on weekdays without reservation.
  19. Date your girlfriend at any garden or at so-called dating points and expect no one will recognize you; sometimes you may even encounter with a heated brother or father of your date.
  20. Look forward for a comfortable journey in a rickshaw; because you will definitely have 5 or 6 co-passengers accompanying you. And don't even think of asking the rickshawalla to turn on the meter; meter system doesn't exist in Nasik.
Give a blank look if someone asks you to "give" friendship.