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5 Things to Hate about Nasik

5 Things to Hate about Nasik

I have been living in Nasik, since my childhood, so it's obvious that I love to be a Nasikkar. There are many things in Nasik, for which it is actually popular in the world. To list a few- there are grape farms, temples, vineyards and many more things. I have always admired the culture of Nasik. Nasik is amongst the fastest growing cities of the world. It is also famous for being the city of pilgrimage or the wine capital of India. Living in Nasik is actually like living in the area surrounded by temples and holy places all over.

In spite of all these good things, there are some things in Nasik, which should be changed, for its betterment. Some of the things which I think I hate in Nasik are the streets, garbage, traffic and many more. I think proper management is needed to avoid these situations and contribute a bit more to the beauty of Nasik. 5 things that I hate about Nasik are listed below-

Streets of Nasik - The main problem of Nasik, according to me is the streets of Nasik. We have the rights to travel on the clean and better roads than on the roads with huge potholes. The condition of roads in Nasik is very bad, as they are been dig up for either laying huge pipelines or for constructing flyovers. The NMC should pay attention to these streets for travel safety of the Nashikites.

Traffic in Nasik - There are some traffic zones in Nasik where whenever I went, I was a victim of a huge traffic jam. Some of the areas include- Dwarka circle, Mumbai Naka, Raviwar Karanja and others. No one can predict about the traffic of Nasik when it would turn into what. The traffic jam is also caused due to the bad conditions of the roads.

Garbage - Once upon a time, Clean Nasik, Beautiful Nasik (Swachh Nasik, Sunder Nasik), was a theme of Nasik, in order to make Nasik a garbage free city. For implementing this theme, NMC brought a really good concept of Ghanta Gadi but as days past, it began visiting the areas after every 2-3 days. Due to this, people throw all their garbage on the streets, making it very dirty.

Robbery - I read in a newspaper that the number of robbery cases happening in Nasik is increasing day by day. There are daily cases of chain snatching, house robbery in various parts of the city. Nasik was one a very safe place for people to stay in, but nowadays many such cases take place, putting huge question mark on its safety.

Boring Place - Whenever I get bored or want to have some hangout with my friends or family, there is no such place where you can go and enjoy. In Nasik, there are no discos, clubs and other things where actually the youngsters like to spend their night. Nasik has no such interesting nightlife to enjoy in.