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A Memorable Experience with Sarpamitra

A Memorable Experience with Sarpamitra

We had an unexpected guest during the celebration of birthday party in our home. We didn't have any idea, when the 4 feet long, dark green snake entered in our house and was hiding in the store room. My mother noticed him when she went in store room to get some stuff and she just run out while screaming very loudly. This daunting animal created lot of panic in next few minutes. Fortunately we were able to close that snake in the store room, which created a bit secured feeling among the people present for the party.

We had no idea about, how much poisonous the snake was and my brother just ensured that the snake will not get out of the room in any case. Meanwhile, a senior citizen participated in the birthday party contacted Nasik Municipal Corporation, who helped us in getting the number of Sarpmitra Mr. Manish Godbole. Surprisingly he reached our home within 15 minutes, with well equipped tools and equipments in his hand. He was fearless and asked us the place where snake was hiding. May be the snake had an abundant lunch and had been looking for the relaxation in store room. The confidence of Mr. Godbole was commendable and without much struggled he trapped the snake by using his tool and pushed him in a big bag.

The creature who has frightened everyone before some time settled in the transparent bag very well. Everyone who was present during the party was talking about the courage and skills of Mr. Godbole. After a few minutes, he explained us, what kind of snake it was. We were again frightened after knowing that it was one of the highly poisonous snakes. Mr. Godbole had given us some tips on how to tackle the situation, if the incident occurs again. Sarpmitra also conducts various training programs and provides some tips about how to deal with the snakes.