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Tuesday, Jan 22nd

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A Visit to Sula

A Visit to Sula

It was only some time back when I had two of my friends come over to my place in Nasik and they had the Sula Vineyard on their list of places to visit. It was really fun to have Sunil and Shabnam over from Mumbai. It was a weekday and we planned to visit the Sula Vineyard. We left at about 11am from our place at Pumping station road and took a rickshaw to the Sula vineyard.

It was quite a long ride and the scenery along the way was very picturesque. We then began to pass by vineyards and we soon were the only people on that road. Shabnam was really excited as she loves wine and being at an actual vineyard was really superb. We reached there in about 45 minutes and when we got off we felt as though we had reached France. The place was all green as far as we could see and we stood under the most beautiful blue sky.

As we walked in we saw the ancient model of the winepress and each of us wanted a picture with it. We then climbed up and we were led to this huge beautiful seating area, which was like a big balcony that overlooked the vineyard. We finally found a nice spot to sit down and we noticed that the wine here was cheaper than what it was for in the Wine Stores. Shabnam chose to have the Sula Blush Zinfandel and the Sommelier confirmed that was a good choice. We took a cheese platter with olives and we really had a ball of a time. The wine we took was not strong but more fruity in flavor. We later asked the sommelier to take a few pics of us wining and dining in style.

We overheard some of the conversation from the people sitting next to us and got to know that Sula is having some trouble acquiring wine grapes. We came to understand that wine is not made from the normal grapes we get in the market, called table grapes. Since table grapes have greater demand and a wider market than wine grapes, the Nasik famers find it more feasible for business to grow table grapes and from our neighbors conversations we understood that the winery has hit a glass ceiling where acquiring these wine grapes are concerned.

As we looked on from out seats beyond the vineyard; we noticed a huge water mass in the distance and were told that was Gangapur dam. Looking out in the open space it was clear that seeing the sunrise and sunset here would be very beautiful and we wished we could have been here in the evening. Before we left, Sunil picked up a bottle of Rasa Shiraz Red Wine for home and it looked like the Sula excitement was not yet over for Shabnam because she too picked up a bottle of Rose Brut pink champagne for us for the evening. When we reached home we were really not feeling tired as the outing was more of a recharge than anything else.