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College Road 'Pattas'

College Road 'Pattas'

It would not be an exaggeration if I say that College Road is the most happening road in Nasik. This famous street of Nasik is hardly a 2 kilometer stretch yet very popular, especially amongst the youngsters. This road is lined with a number of colleges and hence it got the name 'College Road'. From branded shopping outlets, movie multiplex to gift shops and street eating spots, you can find anything and everything here. Some spots like Salim's Tea next to B.Y.K College or Mama's Pav Bhaji are very popular amongst the youngsters.

My first encounter with this street of youngsters was when I got admitted into a junior college on College Road. Though College Road was not new to me as I had been there innumerable times since my childhood, stepping on College Road for my college was an entirely different experience and feeling. First thing that caught my attention was the repeated use of the word 'patta' and I had no idea what it was supposed to mean. Then one of my friends showed me a group of youngsters zooming down the College Road and said this is called a 'patta'. Initially, I was surprised that what fun does roaming up and down the College Road involve? Especially when I found that youngsters find reasons (no matter how lame they are) just to go for a patta.

My first trip was from Sagar Sweets to Caf'e Nescafe (PnR) and back to our college katta near Geetus Boutique. I felt like a free bird riding high in the sky, without any tension and without any worry. Only after my first patta, I realized the fun youngsters have been experiencing over the years and why 'patta' is a favorite. It has become like a tradition for youngsters all over Nasik and not just students of College Road.

But these days, I find youngsters driving their vehicles very fast and in a rash manner while going for a 'patta'. I have also seen some boys performing stunts while driving on College Road. They not only put their lives at stake but also the life of others. With an increase in the number of accidents and under age children driving 2 wheelers without a license, the Traffic Police of Nasik has initiated checks across the city, especially on College Road.

The charm of a 'patta' on College Road cannot be defined and expressed in words, it is a feeling and experience that you can realize only after doing it once.