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Getting Settled in Nasik

Getting Settled in Nasik

I moved to Nasik as this where my job took me, thankfully I had my grandparent place to move into. So I travelled from my home city Mumbai to this smaller city of Nasik. I was told by a few friends that this was a foolish move as I was leaving the most happening cities according to them. I moved here somewhere in August 2011 and found myself dealing with quite a few things in this city.

The first thing is traffic here is not really organized, people here use the major circles but the ones on the inner roads are ignored. I have seen twice as many people talking on their mobiles while riding, in one particular case that I witnessed the Traffic Police was not even able to stop that person who was riding and talking on the mobile. The traffic police here look much thinner fitter than Mumbai Traffic Police and I think it has something to do with them not getting as many bribes.

I find the city much cleaner and the garbage management here seems to be very efficient using what they call 'Ghanta Gaadies' that come daily to pick up the garbage. One thing that I have not seen in many places in Nasik is pavements. The roads here all tar which is good for the monsoons but a lot of mud washes in from the sides in the monsoons and the road get quite mucky and you will notice Nasik vehicles in the Monsoons really messed up.

What I like about the city is that Nasik being a small city, people pretty much know every fifth person her and it is quite a close knit community. I say this because when I started going to my Aunt's Church here, the people there knew almost every other Christian I knew in Nasik. The city kind of make you feel like one big family.

One more thing about Nasik is that the best way to commute here in Nasik is to have your own two wheels. You will find this more economical and convenient. The general public here still needs to come to terms here with wearing a helmet. Though Mumbai has a lot to offer to the masses, it has lesser than what Nasik has offered me as an individual and so this is the place where I am going to be staying. God Willing!