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Tuesday, Jan 22nd

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Nasik a World within itself

Nasik a World within itself

Sometimes people ask me when I visit places.. What is Nasik? Is Nasik all about just Religion or Pilgrimage or is there any other face to this small city. A recent survey claims to put Nashik as the 16th largest growing city in the world. Well I will be a hillbilly on a goat if someone can prove that to me. Let me tell you what Nasik is according to me.

Nasik is a person. Nasik is an individual, an individual who is growing with its refined tastes and modifying itself according to various foreign companies coming and making themselves at home. They include Walmart’s Easy Day Shoppe at College Road or More Megastore or those Premium shoes and apparel brands at City Center Mall. The Rising city with its big purses is proving to be a very good trade deal for all those companies and they have flocked to Nasik like a Fly for a sugar cube. What is Nasik? Nasik is its youth. Nasik breathes in its College Road pattas. Nasik feasts upon in its Salims chai and Sayantaras Vada. Nasik lives life through its exhibitions at Dongre Vasti Gruha and the plays at Kalidas Kala Mandir. Nasik perfumes itself through the Phool bazaar and fills itself at the Vegetable mandi at Panchvati. Nasik adorns itself with its Saraf bazaar and mingles with the dew drops on the various jogging tracks around Nasik.

This is Nasik. This is You. May be you won’t realize it. This town is a part of who you are! When you wear a Nasik Run Cap… when you wear it, you're wearing Nasik! When you eat a fish from our river, you're eating Nasik! When you eat that misal from our roadside gadas, you're eating Nasik... This town is a part of us all. Nasik lives through you and every single person of Nasik is a representation of this great city where Lord Rama spent a significant time in his 14 years of exile, where great great people like Swatantrya Veer Savarkar were born, where Dadasaheb Phalke revolutionized the Cinema Industry; the same place where Kusumagraj and his poems still live through various Nasikites.

Always Remember. This is You. You cant run away from it. This is who we are, it’s what we do. We Live Nasik.