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Friday, Feb 22nd

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Nasik Rockies on Mission Anjaneri

Nasik Rockies on Mission Anjaneri

Monsoon was just over leaving behind grassy fields rolling over the Sahyadri mountain range. What other than this could have been the right time to enjoy hiking? So we decided to go on a trek. It's because the trekking is not as popular leisure activity here as it is in Pune or Mumbai, Nasik has many trek sites available around the vicinity that are not yet explored completely. However, we decided to go with the Anjaneri Hill.

It was a public holiday linked up with weekend accounting ample time for camping. Early in the morning, we hit the road with a black-pulsar 220 CC, one Passion-Pro and one Honda Activa. We were six youngsters from different backgrounds but equally passionate about adventures and learning to live outside comfy homes. Moving across the teeming roads of Nasik and Satpur, further ride till the foothills of Anjaneri was really exciting. We left our bikes in a small village there and started climbing towards the sky-scraping peak at 8 am.

The sun was not on its high making it a good atmosphere for trekking. After leading through dotted huts we reached to the constructed stairs, climbing those was really excruciating part of entire trekking experience. Following that hard-to-please route we reached to a wide plateau with no or little trees on almost half of its terrain. There is a small temple of goddess Anjaneri, mother of Lord Hanumana, standing alone on that unoccupied land.

Walking further ahead, we saw a tiny but actually tempting wooded area. We were fortunate to have a lake there, our swimming pool. There we took a rest for a while, dropped off the bags and started figuring out things necessary for lunch. Few of us started gathering dried out timber to inflame fire, some started preparing for another lesson - cooking 'Khichadi' (rice). Till the time I had a tranquil dip in lake. Lunch was ready.

Once we finished the delicious Khichadi, we decided to go further to explore the higher peak, another part of Anjaneri Hill. We were stunned to see the same lake from top of the bordering hill. It looks like one's paw marks and I still remember we had guessed it as Hanumana's footprint, according to the ancient tale, when he jumped to catch the sun. On the top, there is another plateau, almost as wide as the earlier one is.

The sun was about to set signaling the evening. We had to leave the place and so we packed the stuff back into bags. Now the way to downhill was not strange but the day was an exhaustive one and so the unfeeling was reverse journey. It proved to be fortunate thing for us one more time that the night was one before 'Pornima' (the full moon night) and for that reason it was not very difficult to find our way to the downhill huts. After around 3 hours walk, we reached to our bikes and after one more hour to our homes.