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Tuesday, Jan 22nd

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Nasikites, it's high time to wake up!

Time to wake up

It is said that, Nasik is one of the very cool as well as calm places, in Maharashtra. There are many different new things happening in Nasik, for the first time. Most rapid changes are experienced in the skyline of Nasik. I get to experience many of the good and positive changes taking place in Nasik, but as every coin has two sides, same is the case with good things. Good changes always come along with their relatives who prove to be bad enough for the society.

Once when travelling through the streets of Nasik, I got to experience both the good as well as bad things about Nasik. Being a Nasikite, I was and always will be proud of it, but the changes taking place around should be considered. When I was on a drive, I came to know about many things that are actually spoiling the calmness and pleasant atmosphere of Nasik. Nasikkars were aware of these facts during the past but nowadays no one seems to be interested in such things. It is also believed that the people of Nasik are very co-operative, in certain situations they gather on the streets for justice. But now, I hardly come across such incidents in Nasik.

Nasikites are not even interested in paying attention or banning the huge illegal hoardings that I came across at almost every street, traffic islands and other locations. Without obtaining any permission from the local authority the local Kaka, Anna, Mama, Dada, Bhau, Nana and the list goes on, put their hoardings for birthdays, festivals and death anniversaries. No political party seems behind in putting these hoarding. These hoardings are such complicated that I was just not able to see the vehicle coming from the other side and might have meet with a big accident. That time I realized the harms caused due to the hoardings. Then I thought that when will the Nasikkars awake against such things.

Even I wasn't aware about the things that I came across when I just went on a ride through Nasik. I thought, aren't the officers and also the corporate of NMC (Nasik Municipal Corporation) unaware about these situations? Actually they are aware about it but they find it easy to ignore these situations taking place in Nasik. They haven't yet got up from their sleep. So, Nasikkars wake up and also try to awaken these officers who can find out some solution. One thing came to mind was, the next time whenever I would drive my vehicle, I would blow my horn more loudly, so as to waken up the Nashikites!