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Problems Faced by Students Using State Transport Buses

Problems Faced by Students Using State Transport Buses

Whether it is a bus stop near a college situated on College Road, Ganagpur Road or Adgaon Naka, one situation remains same. You can spot hordes of students running behind to catch a State Transport bus, risking their lives everyday. Nasik has grown as an educational hub and students from areas near Nasik can be seen coming here to pursue their college and further studies. For most students, student life is synonymous with restricted resources and they use public transport for their to and fro journey to the college.

In Nasik, using State Transport buses is more convenient and economic option as there is a facility of monthly student bus pass which allows a student to ply on a certain route for a predefined amount. This is very nice effort of MSRTC to ensure that students can travel to college at an economical cost. Spending some time at a bus stop outside a college and you will realize the plight faced by the students. You can see empty buses passing by without halting at the bus stop and taking the students in the bus or buses stopping away from the stop and students rushing towards the bus amidst traffic to name a few situations. Students also complain that sometimes they are not allowed to board the buses as they carry the monthly pass and hence do not purchase a ticket. This situation is not only on the college bus stops but also on connecting points like Ravivar Karanja, Shalimar Chowk, Ashok Stambh and CBS. Students also complain that the number of special buses are less and their timings inconvenient. The situation is worse in the evening, when they return home from college.

Though, one cannot entirely blame the State Transport for this situation as the indiscipline amongst some students also has a role to play. But we cannot ignore this situation either as it risks the lives of the students. An understanding needs to be reached to find a solution to this situation and make life easier for students as well as the State Transport employees.