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Unique Lingo of Nasikities

Unique Lingo of Nasikities

It was in 9.30's recess I went to Boat Club, our second classroom and so-called Katta where we chitchat for hours every day and sometimes enjoy watching rowing guys practicing in the warm waters of Godavari. Everyone from my group was looking at me and the moment I reached there all screamed loudly, "Swatah Bhaunche aagman zale aahe". I understood it was just to trifle with me. I preferred not to talk further on this but the next minute it was a smart girl who asked what was that all about?

As she was new in our group, Sonali introduced Prerna as her cousin. Prerna was from Pune and had come here for some family function. Soon they all back to their earlier topic of dialogue. "Full deun takali", Sumit uttered. I interrupted his statement saying, "Sumya! Bhau konala?". Before any answer comes from him, Sonali changed the focus and started handing over invitation cards of her brother's wedding ceremony. Prerna was still uncomfortable one among us. To break ice, I asked her about that and she replied with a question, "don't you think you talk so coarsely?" She continued saying that "I mean the way you all speak and kind of words you use is really strange for me."

We all enjoyed her humor. In fact, it's true to extend. There are many such Marathi words and typical phrases that are not spoken in other parts of Maharashtra but irrespective of the rudeness, Nasikites fondly use them frequently. They are not limited only to the spoken language; many of them are embellishing number plates of thousands of vehicles here. E.g. 2157 is a popular number bespoke to show a term called 'Raje'.

Altogether, these words and phrases form Nasik's special lexis. To mention few, which I know, here the list starts -

"Swatah Bhau"
"Ek Number"
"Deun Tak"
"Tanga Palti Ghod Pharar"
"Aaye Man me chale tapovan me"
"Rada" zala bhau
Kay "Kissa" ye?