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Real Estate Vs. Other Investment Options

Real Estate Vs. Other Investment Options

If you have surplus funds or savings in your hand and want to multiply those funds, then there are several investment options comes in your mind like capital market, mutual fund, gold, fixed deposit and savings account. All these investment products have different features attached to it and you can select one out of them according to your risk capability and financial goal. Investors who put in all their savings and surplus in real estate market of Nasik few years before definitely have a hefty money in hand today as compared to those who invested in other investment products. Over the last few years, no other investment product has yielded as high returns as the property market of Nasik.

As property prices in cities like Mumbai and Pune are extremely high, investors prefer to invest in city like Nasik, which is one of the highly developing cities in India. When a person invests in a home property, he can avail two obvious advantages from his investment. One is fine source of regular income in the form of rent and other is price appreciation which gives him hedge against inflation. Most of the monster investors prefer to invest in agricultural or green land in Nasik and convert it into non-agriculture (NA) zone, which gives them substantial return on investment in long term. Recently, the prices of agriculture land in Nasik got significant boost as mega builders like Amit Enterprises, Paranjape and Hiranandani started acquiring bulk lands for their upcoming commercial as well as residential projects. Many local investors also prefer short term trading in land, commercial shops and residential flats.

Pathardi, Adgaon and Trimbak Road were once considered as an outskirts of city, now became favorite investment destinations for land developers from Nasik as well as Maharashtra. Even though liquidity is low in real estate investment, people want to invest every penny they earned into real estate products, as they are confident about the future of property market in near term.