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Top 5 Areas to Invest

Top 5 Areas to Invest

If you want to invest your hard earned money and there is a choice to make out of capital market, gold or a real estate, then what would you opt for? If its real estate in your mind then go for it, because over the few years, nothing has yielded as high returns as the real estate market of Nasik.

People, who have invested in property market of Nasik few years before, definitely have a broader smile today. Following are the top five areas to invest, which are on the hit list of renowned builders and monster investors.

Pathardi : The entry point to Nasik while coming from Mumbai is Pathardi, which was once agricultural land, became the favorite property investment destination these days. Big builders like Sankchecha, Amit Enterprises and Nayantara have purchased lots of land in this area and the property prices have already crashed the roof.

Adgaon : Few years before, people used to hesitate to visit this area as it was known as a 'Dump Yard Zone'. But since the dump-yard has situated to some other place, Adgaon became most preferred investment destination for land developers and builders.

Meri/Mhasarul : It is favorite investment destination amongst the people of Pune and Mumbai. What attracts investors to Mhasarul is the lush greenery, peaceful atmosphere and the sophisticated culture. Both long term investors as well as traders of property market like to invest in this area.

Trimbak Road : What once used to be considered as an outskirts of city, now became one of the important parts of city. All important institutions like Sapkal Knowledge Hub, Sandip Foundation and Brahma Valley are located here. Many small as well as big builders of Mumbai have already invested lot of funds in residential and commercial projects on Trimbak road.

Sinnar : Sinnar is the industrial hub, 30 km from Nasik which is located on Nasik-Pune road. Many big industrial houses and commercial builders love to invest in this area as lots of facilities are offered by government in the form of SEZ. In recent time, mega builders like Indiabulls Real Estate Ltd. have done lots of investment in the industrial area like Sinnar.