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Commercial Property as an Investment Option

Commercial Property  as an Investment Option

Investing in commercial property in Nasik will surely fetch you attractive returns in short term as well long term, if you able to identify appropriate investment destinations within and outside city. As a wise investor you should aware that commercial property investment works in different way as compared to residential property investment. Investing in commercial property includes ample of options from retail shop and office space to industrial properties like factories and warehouses. You may surprised after knowing that commercial property investment is affordable and sometimes cost lower as compared to residential property investment.

The fundamentals of commercial property investment are similar to residential property in some extent. You lease your commercial property and collect income in the form of 'rent' from lessee. The lease period of commercial property is projected for longer duration as compared to residential properties that gives surety to earn regular income which reviewed annually. A commercial property investor has to bear Goods and Service Tax (GST), which he can claim back in the form of 'input tax credit' when he files income tax returns. In commercial properties, any maintenance or repair cost is completely paid by lessee that means landlord or investor can enjoy all the profits he earns in the form of rental income.

Like any other property investment, area or location plays a key role in the success or return on investment in commercial property. While selecting commercial properties, prefer areas which offer easy transportation and business surroundings which can offer opportunities to lessees. Though, commercial properties are considered as risky asset, return earned after investing funds in them does not match with any other investment product. The decision of investing in commercial property is entirely depend upon your financial goal, risk taking capability and current financial status.