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Residential Properties

Residential Properties

People from various parts of the country as well as world are booking their piece of property in Nasik, shows that the world is now coming to this part of the country which was once known as the pilgrim city only. Obviously, many factors are responsible for what the city was and it is supposed to be in the poise future. The world is much eager to make Nasik their home and live in the pleasant and cool atmosphere of Nasik. The builders and developers are giving in almost every part of the city as exclusive as they can be. With the housing complexes, you can find them in the form of flats, apartments, row houses or bungalows. There are some of the areas in Nasik where you can find the best residential projects with all facilities and amenities.

Pathardi Phata, Indira nagar and Govind nagar : The entry point to Nasik, when coming from Mumbai is the Pathardi Phata. Goving nagar is to its right and Indira nagar is on the either side of the busy highway. These areas are becoming the destination in demand for the housing projects. Apart from the Nasik builders, the builders from Mumbai have also launched their mega residential projects in these areas.

Nasik - Pune Road : The area from Dwarka upto Nasik Road, i.e. the Nasik-Pune Road is also one of the most happening belts in the city. This is due to the closeness of the Railway Station as well as heart of the city, even there are many schools and malls in this area. Some of the most preferred areas on this belt are the takli road, behind fame multiplex and also jail road.

College Road and Gangapur Road : Once termed as the outskirts of the Nasik city have now evolved as the main nerve centers of it. College Road and Gangapur Road both have many educational institutes, hospitals, banks, malls and much more facilities. It is also famous for the various brands in fashion as well as food. In Nasik, these are the areas where you can find almost all the facilities in every manner.

Panchavati : Panchavati is known for the various temples it houses along with the rush it sees during the Kumbhamela. Mostly people form most parts of Gujarat, Malegaon, Manmad Dhule and Jalgaon prefer the Panchavati area for buying houses on the banks of the River Godavari.

Deolali Camp : The favorite place of the Mumbaikars as well as the Puneites is the Deolali Camp area which is attracted by its serene atmosphere, lush greenery, cosmopolitan culture and the near nil pollution areas. The Lam Road Area near Deolali Camp holds various great housing projects and even beautiful sanitariums.