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Harihargad is an awesome location for trekking and is located in Trimbak region of Nasik. It is a very formidable as well as a rocky hill and the front appears to be rectangular in shape from the base village. Harihar, at a height of 3676 above the mean sea level, is located between Trimbakeshwar and Vaiterna dam. Nirgupada is the base for Harihargad and is a small, simple village.

Harihar fort is built on a triangular prism of rock with two edges and three faces at 90 degrees i.e. absolutely vertical. The third edge which is an edge towards the west also has an inclination of around 75 degrees. The construction of this fort is very unique and the rocky staircases to ascend/descend from the fort add to its uniqueness. There are around 117 stairs, with niches for grip, are carved across a rock sheet and are about 1 meter wide. These steps lead to the entrance door of the fort on a tapering plateau. One can see the pinnacle of Fani dongar towards the left and Harihar towards the right.

For going to the fort one needs to take right from this point to reach to the top. On the way to the top, one will also come across a Hanuman temple and a lovely pond behind it. There is also a Shiva temple and a large cave without any idol in it. The view from the top of the fort is marvelous and breathtaking. One can enjoy a mesmerizing view of Vaghera towards the north, Kapda, Brahma and Brahmagiri towards the east, Kavnai, Tringalwadi and lake of upper Vaitarna in the south and Basgad, Fani and Utwad in the west.

The 90 degree vertical drop towards the Nirgupada village was climbed for the first time by the legendary Himalayan mountaineer Doug Scout, in November 1986. Hence, it is also called as 'Scottish kada' and took two days for him to complete the climb. There is a palace with two rooms which can be used for accommodation of 10 to 12 people. There are around 5 cisterns on one side of the palace, of which one cistern has water that can be used for drinking.

To reach the base village of Harihargad, one can reach Igatpuri and take a State Transport bus going towards Trimbakeshwar and alight at Nirgupada. From the village there is a path that leads to beginning of the rocky steps. It takes around two hours to reach the fort top.

Harihargad is a remarkable place and a must visit for trekking enthusiasts.