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Ramshej Fort

Ramshej Fort

On the western tip of the beautiful Ramshej Ghat in Northern Nasik, lies the marvelous Ramshej fort. Ramshej is about 14km from Nasik, while travelling to Peth and from there it is a short trek to the fort. The fort is located at a height of 3273ft, which shows you the marvel of labor and effort that went into making it.

The best time to visit the Ramshej Fort is when there is a short dry spell during the monsoons. This helps because when it rains, the hillside suddenly bursts into greenery and during those short drying spells in the monsoons, the soil is firm enough to climb and does not muck your shoes.

History has it, that the fort was attacked by Aurangzeb’s army, and his commanders threatened the Maratha kingdom saying that they would capture the fort in hours but Shivaji Maharaj’s son Sambhaji resisted these attacks for 7 years. The Fort thus remained with the Marathas for a period that was longer than the fighting lives of some of the commanders of Aurangazeb’s army who made the claim that the fort would be taken down in hours.

Some of the other attractions that this place has to offer are the fortifications that still remain, the handwork of the Ramlalla temple, the secret tunnel that takes you into the fort, caves that are hewn out of rock and a breathtaking view of the Trimbak range, Satmala range & Borgad. To reach Ramshej fort, you can take a bus right up to Aashewadi Village, which lies at the foot of the fort.