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Madina Masjid

Madina Masjid

Being a pilgrim city Nasik has lots of sacred places of every religion. There are some popular Mosques located in Nasik such as Madina Masjid, Aisha Masjid and Helboudi Masjid. Madina Masjid is situated on Banganga River, located near Kasabe Sukena village. It is one of the most popular and historic mosques of Nasik.

The Madina Masjid was built 450 years ago and was renovated in the year 1982 on an area of 4500 sq ft. On special occasions, around 400 people offer Namaj, prayer in this grand mosque! In year 2004, the majestic pillar known as ‘Minar’ was built at prayer hall. This Minar is 98 ft high and 18 ft wide and can be seen from around 7km distance. There is Kabrastan in front of Masjid and more than 2000 trees are cultivated in this expanse that makes it look like a garden.

During 1965, a well was excavated in front of mosque which still makes its presence momentous. The village, Kasabe Sukena, also boasts of many Dargahs of several Valiyos, who once settled there. Out of those nine Dargahs, three most revered ones are of Hajarat Badshah Baba, Hajarat Daulshah Wali and Hajarat Saiyyad Alimuddinshah Kadri Kalandari who is also known as Maulana Baba in Maharashtra. This holy mosque hosts a grand fare called as Urus on 9 December every year. The highlight of this grand festival is the live Kawwali show in the evening which makes the ambiance more holistic.

Apart from these, there are few other mosques which are famous in Nasik. Aisha Masjid, situated near Dwarka is one of the most revered mosques of Nasik. The Masjid is located at Kazi Nagar, Wadala road in Nasik. Helboudi Masjid is another famous mosques in Nasik, which is located near Shehanshah-e-Nasik tomb. At Helboudi Masjid congregation takes place during every week which is called as Haftawari Ijtema.