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Tuesday, Jan 22nd

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Precaution For Health During Kumbh Mela Worth Rs 110 Crore

Precaution For Health During Kumbh Mela Worth Rs 110 Crore

For health related works for the Kumbh mela in 2015, the Nasik Municipal Corporation (NMC) has worked out a plan worth Rs 110 crore. As per the civic health officials the proposal was necessary considering the arrival of pilgrims which could lead to disease outbreaks.

Funds for specialized and routine medical treatment, disaster management services ambulance services has been asked by the health department of NMC. These comprises of four mobile and 20 temporary dispensaries, renovation of two existing hospitals, improvement of Bytco hospital, six ambulances and a new hospital.

The NMC has permitted expenses worth Rs 40 lakh for 20 temporary dispensaries, Rs 60 lakh for mobile dispensaries, Rs 12 crore for the construction of a 100-bed permanent hospital, Rs 1.50 crore for renewal (including an extra 30 beds) of the Indira Gandhi hospital, Rs 10 crore for renovation at guest houses, Rs 72 lakh for six ambulances, Rs 1.5 crore for medicines, Rs 23 crore for the hospital's modernization and Rs 60 crore for an additional 125 beds at Bytco hospital. Civic officials said that the planned budget has to now be forwarded to the state government for final sanction.

For sanitation services throughout Kumbh mela, the civic body has approved Rs 10 crore. These will comprise of utilizing extra manpower and construction of toilets. The health department also planned sweeping all major roads with mechanised brooms. The department has expected that at least 90-100 tonnes of garbage would be gathered everyday at Sadhugram and Ramkund for which 35 garbage vans would be required.