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St Philip’s Church

St Philip’s Church

St Philip’s Church is part of the Church of North India (CNI) group of Churches. It was built and completed on 1st May 1937, collectively by the Indian Pastors and the British who worked for the Indian Security Press. The Church is now governed by a Pastorate committee from Nasik, consisting of 8 to 10 Church representatives from St. Philip’s Church and all decisions concerning the Church are collectively made by them.

The Church is pastored by V. M. Ghule and the Church congregation is made up of 400 Marathi speaking families and 25 English speaking families. The Sunday Church service has two Marathi services at 7am and 10am and one English service at 8am. The preaching on Sunday is done following a roster, by picking people as speakers from the congregation its self. On occasions, outside renowned Christian speakers are also invited to preach.

The order of worship followed here is Bible based, the same being followed across all CNI Churches. The Sunday service includes testimonies where individuals tell the rest of the congregations about God working in particular areas of their lives. There is also a time of praise and worship and sharing of supper in remembrance of Lord Jesus Christ. There is some time devoted to reading and preaching from the Bible. After the Church service they have a time of fellowship, where people mingle and pray in person. While the parents attend the adult service, they have a special session for children who are taught interactively from the Bible. A youth fellowship is conducted on Sunday evenings at 5pm, where the youth interact with each other; spend time in Bible Study followed by a questionnaire round.

The activities of St. Philip’s Church are:
The Sunday school teachers meet every alternate Mondays to pray for the Sunday school children.
The congregation, depending on their residential zones, meets every Wednesday in an individual’s house for a time of prayer and worship, called Cottage Prayer.

On every alternate Thursdays, the ladies of the Church organize an outreach program called Sakhi Manch, which is focused on helping women maids in the society, who come here to share their difficulties and have their needs prayed for. They are also given an encouraging message from the Bible.

The Church also financially supports Indian missionaries and the education of a few tribal children in Nasik.

Among the festivals and activities, apart for the normal observance and celebration of Christmas, Good Friday and Easter, the Church also celebrates with prayer the CNI birthday (29th November), Harvest Festival, Annual Sunday School Quiz, Independence Day (15th August) and Republic Day (26th January).
St Philip’s Church,
Nasik Road
Nasik - 422101
Ph: Mr. S Massey: 9423145775 / Dr. (Mrs.) M. Kumar: 9373903005