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Shopping in Nasik

Shopping in Nasik

Shopping is one word that is loved by everyone. Be it men, women or kids, everyone loves to shop. Especially, if you're coming to a place like Nasik which is a fusion of the modern malls and religious spots, shopping becomes a must. Since a large number of tourists travel here to see the nearby religious sites, there are various stalls and shops that are geared to the faithful. The city showcases various shops, traditional bazaars and hi-fi malls. It has to offer something for every pocket and taste. In Nasik, you can buy various souvenir items and handicrafts for your loved ones.

Nasik, primarily being a religious and sacred city, is famous for copper, brass and panch dhatu articles like diyas, statues, beaded nacklaces, rings, boxes, kalash and other articles that are used for puja. Traditional copper artifacts and silver articles are also some of the major items that can be bought in Nasik. The Nasik city, well known for its jewelry, is dotted with numerous jewelry shops. Here you can find quality gold, silver, pearl, diamond as well as beautiful ornaments made from these. The Saraf Bazaar is a traditional, trustworthy and most popular place to buy authentic jewelry in Nasik. Some of the jewelers here are catering to Nasikites since more than 50 years.

While in Nasik, don't forget to buy the very famous Nasik Chivada; a snack that is a specialty of the city. Nasik is also known for its fruits and fruits like grapes, raisins and strawberries are must buys. Wine is also famous among the shoppers. You can buy some great wines directly from the wineries, where you can get them at a cheaper rate than markets.

The popular old shopping centre of the Nasik lies at Main Road, the heart of city, where you can get almost everything you need. In recent years, a lot of fashionable shops have mushroomed all over the city. MG Road is also a hot shopping destination in Nasik. The Canada Corner, College road are always crowded with young shoppers. And with the launch of new malls, shopping in Nasik has never been the same.

Shopping has always been an exciting affair in the city of Nasik. Though Nasik is concentrated in just an area of about 15-20 km, it is self sufficient to serve the tourists in terms of shopping. Shopping in Nasik will make your trip enjoyable and memorable one. So, happy shopping in Nasik...!