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The place, Nasik is a pocket between many hills and this is evident as you move out of Nasik because as you travel you will come across many hills. People love to come for trekking here on a few of their favorite spots, all year round. However, the challenges in trekking in this terrain are different in different seasons.

The hills in the monsoons are covered by lush greenery; flowers of different colors and kinds pop up here and there. Also, many of the trekking sites have a waterfall here and there to complement the beautiful scenery. The disadvantage of trekking during the monsoons is that the soil is mostly mucky and you do not get a good grip if you have to do a steep climb.

During the winter, the places where there are lots of trees get very cold. The scenery is altogether different from what you usually see through the year; because the fog and dew covered leaves have a beauty of their own. The greenery from the monsoon is still there and the night smells sweet, all thanks to the Queen of the Night but you need to put with temperatures going as low as 2°C.

In the summertime, the vegetations are all dried up and hills appear golden yellow. If you are trekking in the afternoon, make sure that your head is covered else you will wind up with a severe heat stroke. The good thing about trekking in the summer is that the soil is firm and the morning and evening are at just the right temperature to move around.

So, if you are from Maharashtra and you want to give a hand at trekking then the Harihar, Anjaneri and Sahyadris in the Nasik are good places to consider spending your time.