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Winery Tours

Winery Tours

Around four hours from Mumbai, the vineyards of Nasik are perfect for celebrating a fantastic weekend for everyone who is interested in wine. Enjoying the calm, appealing as well as cool evening in Nasik, walking through the vineyards is an amazing experience. You can even see how the unadulterated and oldest beverages are made. It doesn’t need to be into the wine for enjoying a different atmosphere; it just needs to enjoy the peaceful surrounding and the vineyards.

Along with exploring the other attractions of Nasik, a winery tour would also give you a wonderful experience. In and around Nasik, you will find many vineyards that have sprung up at a larger extent. Also, the quality of wines that is produced in these vineyards is of an exceptionally high level.

It would be a great idea, to go and tour the wineries in Nasik. While touring, you are offered with small samples of wines, just for taste. Few vineyards even have the facility of restaurants where you can enjoy some delicious food along with the sip of wine. Given below are few of the vineyards where you can enjoy the best wine -

Sula Vineyards - Sula Vineyards regularly organizes tours in which there is a great tasting room where you can taste various wines at their winery. Visitors are always welcomed to this winery and can enjoy the tour, courses, tasting as well as the fun events. There are even two small restaurants Named Little Italy and Kareema in the premises for enjoying the mouth-watering food.

Valle de Vin/Zampa Wines - Tours and tastings to the Valle de Vin or Zampa Wines are offered daily. These vineyards have built up their presence within very less period of time. They are on the way of producing one of the best wines in the world.  The serene atmosphere along with sunny courtyards and a doorway to relax in and makes it a perfect place for winery tours.

Chateau d’Ori - Chateau d’Ori is one of the new winery in the Nasik district which is significantly developing towards as the tourist destination. They are always keen in producing top quality wine. It becomes an ideal place for winery tours due to its three artificial lakes where boating is carried out along with other water sports, magnificence farmhouse accommodations as well as the wine tasting.

Visiting the vineyards is a way of learning about wines and enjoying wine in context. With the products of grapes, the whole culture surrounding many traditions is associated.