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Tuesday, Jan 22nd

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You are here: Nasik Katta 'Feri' to Brahmagiri during Shravan month

'Feri' to Brahmagiri during Shravan month

'Feri' to Brahmagiri during Shravan month

In India, there are 12 Jyotirlingas and Trimbakeshwar is considered as the most important one of them. My recent visit to Trimbakeshwar for Feri to the Brahmagiri parvat was a heavenly experience. The most exciting part was that I completed this Feri with bare-feet. As I have attended this Feri during the month of Shravan, the rain helped in adding high exuberance to the entire experience. The crowd was very intense and buses from CBS to Trimbakeshwar were so overcrowded that I wasn't able to get into the bus.

I, along with my group of friends, hired a private vehicle and somehow reached Trimbak. The series of mountains of various shapes and sizes greeted us at the Trimbak. We were able to see numerous small waterfalls in this area. After walking some distance, we hit the real thing on the road. The undisciplined and wild crowd surrounded us from all the sides and very soon we became part of them. It was really motivating to see the 60+ year old person and few women who were heading for the same target. I got stunned after seeing the kids of 8-10 years age who were at the peak of their enthusiasm.

After walking for 2-3 km on a coarse terrain we started climbing the high mountain. It was very slippery and if someone gets slipped, crowd used to help him by giving supporting hand. Several times, we passed through 1-2 feet thick mud that provided us ease by forming paste on the legs. Wash using the rain water helped us in get rid of the dried mud around our legs. It took us almost 1 day to complete the Feri of 40 km. We forgot all the stress and nuances of life and all the tension in our mind was taken away by the Lord Shiva during that time.

Feri helped us realize that how small problems we face in our life and how we can make proper solutions on them. The Feri to Brahmagiri is well enough to realize everyone that how sacred, beautiful and enjoyable life is and we should feel worth to get a life of human being.